Thursday, May 4, 2017

George Will Explains Why Americans Should Reject Trump

George Will is another conservative columnist for the Washington Post who wishes we had a different president.  His column is nationally syndicated and he regularly provides the conservative view on TV news shows.  Donald Trump can't stop discussing issues which he does not understand.  George Will prides himself on his understand of US history.  Therefore, Will was very provoked when Trump exposed his ignorance about the causes of the Civil War.  Trump argued that he could have put a deal together which would have prevented the Civil War.  The great deal maker would have come to our rescue.  That was hard for Will to stomach. 

Trump's ignorance about the nuclear triad also worries Will.  The triad was designed to prevent the use of nuclear weapons.  One of Trump's spokespersons told a TV audience that the triad was put in place for another reason.  She argued that the triad was there so that we could use nuclear weapons. That is consistent with Trumps America First agenda which holds that our military power is there for a good reason.  That is, to destroy our enemies and to protect our citizens.  (Especially those who voted for Trump?}

Will concludes his column by asking Americans to use the electoral system to neuter the Trump Administration.  That is a very strange comment coming from a conservative Republican. 

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