Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Does Trump Have A Narcicisstic Personality Disorder?

Trump has many characteristics that are consistent with the narcissistic personality disorder.  Many individuals with that disorder are able to use some of the symptoms of narcissism to their advantage.  It can motivate them to achieve and it encourages them to seek fame.  I thought it would be informative to read a description of the disorder as it is defined by psychologists in the article below.  You can check off the common behavioral traits, and see how many are consistent with Trump's behavior.  There is also a section on how childhood experiences lead to the disorder as well some guidance on how to prevent its development in children.  Narcissists are difficult to deal with especially if they are put in positions of power.  They can behave in ways that are self destructive and they don't respond well to criticism and/or advice. 

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