Friday, May 12, 2017

Everyone Needs A Score Card To Keep Track Of Trump's Mess

This is a good link to multiple stories about the rapid pace of events in Washington following Trump's tragic mistake of firing the FBI directer.  It begins with Paul Ryan's belated support for Trump's decision to fire Comey.  Ryan simply stated the obvious point that Trump had the authority to take an action that has been seldom taken in US history.  Ryan's most important concern is that Republicans have an opportunity to reform taxes and healthcare until Trump derailed those opportunities by shifting attention to the Russia investigation.  Washington is now totally focused on the whiplash from Trump's decision.  Much of the reporting on the whiplash is reported in this link.

This score card also provides a lesson to the rest of the world.  Trump has little control over the media outside of Fox News and other aligned sources.  The free press in the US may make things more difficult for the government but it also provides an important protection against government corruption.  We will always have corruption when we have disparities in wealth and power, but we are lucky to have a system that limits corruption.  The free press has been a major source of public welfare in US throughout our history.

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