Friday, May 19, 2017

Trump's Kiss Of Death On James Comey

The FBI director was very concerned about Trump's efforts to woo him.  He was invited to a Trump meeting of law enforcement officials and he did not want to be signaled out by Trump for attention.  After all, he was in charge of the investigation into Trump's campaign and its connections with Russian hackers.  We have all seen the video.  Trump held out his hand to Comey and he went a step further by providing him with an unwelcome hug.  This article describes the many video episodes in the White House that could make a funny movie.  Comey did not think it was funny and he had good reasons resisting the embrace.  I did not think it was funny either.  It reminded me of a scene in The Godfather when the God Father gave his brother a fatal kiss.  His execution had already been ordered.

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