Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Royal Family Visits The Saudi Royal Family

King Donald, landed in Saudi Arabia.  He was greeted by the Saudi royal family which will have a hard time matching the beauty of Trump's royal family.  He was accompanied by Queen Melania, Princess Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner who orchestrated the meetings in the Mid East.  He also brought along his secretary of state and several members of his staff which included Steve Bannon and Steve Miller who will help him with his speeches.  This is an important opportunity for King Donald.  He has a chance to demonstrate his ability to develop chemistry with foreign leaders.  If he is successful, he might be able to divert attention away from the problems that he has created back home.  He has a lot of experience selling real estate developments to foreign business people.  It may be a challenge for him to avoid mistakes in his capacity as the US President.

Gail Collins wrote a column about Trump's opportunity and his challenges.  She hopes that he does not make comments like he has made in the past, such as calling Belgium a beautiful city.  He is likely to do better than that if he follows the script that he has been given.  It will be a real challenge for Trump if he has to respond to questions from the media.

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