Monday, May 8, 2017

Why Steve Bannon Is The Only Winner By Pulling Out Of Paris Accords

The Trump Administration is debating whether to pull out of the Paris Accords on climate change.
This article explains why Steve Bannon wins and the US loses if Trump pulls out.  Bannon is the major proponent of white nationalism in the Trump Administration.  He helped Trump win that voting block on his way to the White House.  If Trump stays in the Paris Accord, Bannon loses but Trump also may lose control of his base to the alt right forces of Bannon.  The interesting part of this debate is that the Paris agreement is based upon each nation meeting its own commitments.  It is a voluntary commitment that can be modified without penalty.  If the US exits the agreement Bannon wins and the US loses its leadership position in the global process to China.  It also loses face in Europe which remains committed to the Paris Accords.

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