Friday, May 12, 2017

Trump Just Can't Stop Killing Himself

Trump blasted out a tweet threatening Comey that he "may have tapes" of their private conversations.  Apparently, he is worried that Comey may be tempted to lie about their conversations.  That is a very strange threat.  He either has taped their conversations, which has not been a practice in the White House since Richard Nixon, was used them to his great disadvantage, or has not taped the conversations.  Why would he say that he "may" have taped the conversations?  The only reason that I can imagine is that he may be asked to release the tapes in the future. In that case he can say that the tapes do not exist.

Trump became a celebrity during his reality TV show in which apprentices competed for jobs.  The competition ended when Trump uttered his most famous phrase "You're fired" to the losing apprentice.  Trump's behavior as an apprentice in the White House is missing an important player.  There should be some one on the show who can utter his famous phrase.  He has demonstrated nothing but incompetence during his apprenticeship.  It gets worse daily.

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